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Gus Communication Devices Inc

A world leader in the development AAC/Speech solutions for over 26 years.

Gus Communication Devices Inc (Since 1992)

The world's largest AAC/Speech device suppler with highest quality software and hardware, lowest prices, and unmatched customer support...for over 25 years.  Call us anytime, toll free, at 866-487-1006.  

Don't be fooled by medical equipment companies charging outrageously high (DME) prices for their own privately labelled "AAC Communication Devices".  At Gus Communication Devices, we ONLY use top quality, name brand tablets from companies you know and trust, including Samsung and Apple etc., and combine those with our award-winning speech software developed and supported by our USA staff for over 25 years.

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TalkTablet - "What is it for? IS it what I need?"

TalkTablet - "What is it for? Is it what I need?"

TalkTablet versus Proloquo2go

A comparison of features and price between Proloquo2go and TalkTablet

About Us

Leading developers of AAC/Speech software for 25+ years

Gus Communication Devices is a leading developer of speech software and "apps" for over 25 years. We created the  world's FIRST AAC/Speech software in 1992 and continue to lead in the in the development of "Symbols-based" speech software for communication disorders today.

TalkTablet is the only AAC/speech app that is available for iOS (Apple), Android, Windows, Kindle and Google Chromebook smartphones and tablets, and is capable of wirelessly sharing buttons and pages between tablets, regardless of device type.

Originally released in 2012, TalkTablet has become the premier, reasonably priced, AAC/speech app for children and adults with autism, aphasia, Rett Syndrome, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, stroke, or traumatic brain injury. Sold in over 22 languages and available worldwide on the Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore, Amazon Kindle Store and Microsoft Windows Store.  

Today, well over 200,000+ people rely on one of our speech products for their daily speech and communication needs.

In addition to our speech software, we now offer a broad range of tablet based speech packages that include a tablet, case and our TalkTablet AAC symbols-based speech app.  They offer the BEST VALUE in the AAC Speech industry and include  TOLL-FREE technical support for life!

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Now Shipping to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

Starting October 1, 2018

Now shipping to our Canadian, Australian and United Kingdom customers!

Refunds/Returns:  Returns accepted for full refund if returned within 14 days from date package received, and the item is unopened and in new/resellable condition.  No refunds on open, damaged or used items.

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